Our philosophy consists of the 3 points

  • Contented employees
  • Satisfied customers
  • Long-term and quality-secured achievements

After our experience only long-term success is stable and not activities, on basis of short term results.

  • We would like partnership customer relations, with which both sides know that they can rely on each other.
  • In the center of our activities the customer, to who we offer matured, quality-secured and long-term achievements, on basis of the individual customer requirements and business processes is always located.
  • In order to reach this, constantly out and measures for further education are to our employees at the disposal.
  • Aspects of data security become of course, as well as the adherence to the privacy in the interest of all parties involved kept. This is guaranteed by periodic reviews.

Shortly about us

TOSECON Ltd. is an IT company established in 2009. The company headquarters is located in Sofia, Bulgaria.